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What is Folk Market?

Folk Market is working as a retail and wholesale online store for Natural Gemstones, Minerals and Jewelry mainly. It is a registered trademark under M/S SHF (registered company in Pakistan). Since launching of Folk Market under M/S SHF in September 2013, it has established itself as the premier global online Retail Store in Natural Gemstones, Mineral Specimens, Facet / rough/cut gemstones, salt rocks, and antique jewelry. It also encourages local handicrafts and local traditions. If you are purchasing mainly gemstones in wholesale online, you are purchasing from a gemstone dealer. One can not only do regular purchases on Folk Market but also small business owners can get benefits from Folk Market Wholesale option. Folk Market is a Trade Mark brand of M/S SHF registered in Lahore, Pakistan. 

Folk Market aims to provide a wide range of high-quality products collected by our well-trained gems collectors, dealers. Cut gemstones and jewelry are further designed by our designers and manufactured by our subcontractors.

Our target is to provide authentic products and local treasures to our global customers with high-quality products on a very competitive low prices. The more you buy, the more you save. Whether you're a personal buyer looking for the latest products, or a store owner or business wholesaler anywhere in the world searching for direct purchase, wholesale or retail, Folk Market is perfect for you because of our high-quality products, low wholesale prices, fast delivery and dedicated professional service – all underpinned by the strength of our global outreach. 

What Unique about Folk Market

There is an astonishing thing for buyers at Folk Market. We offer you many of our products directly manufactured by M/S SHF.  M/S SHF is involved in the manufacturing, designing, and development of Gemstones, Jewelry, and Himalayan Salt Products. Folk Market owns the gems, jewelry, and Himalayan Salt Products. We get our natural gemstones and Himalayan Salt directly from the mines. 

Why Folk Market?

We have an extensive and growing selection of trendsetting high-quality products. New products are collected, developed, designed, and added from time to time at Folk Market. Our innovative marketing department constantly searches for the very latest in popular products on the market to attract and satisfy the broad demand of our customer base. 

Our Products

Antique Kuci Jewelry

Our Speciality is Afghan Kuchi Jewelry which is made by hands. We have also included gems jewelry. Kuchi jewelry usually have the following items:-

  • Kuchi Earrings
  • Kuchi Necklaces
  • Kuchi Rings
  • Kuchi Bracelets
  • Kuchi Pendants
  • Kuchi Headpiece, Anklets
Traditional Wears

Traditional wears are also crafted by hands by local artisans. Who develop unique designs with their hands' expertise. 

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Shawls / Scarfs

Robina Gulzar is an experienced Export and Gems Professional. She is managing and designing business strategies. 

  • Lover of Gems Hunting
  • A Traveler
  • Expert Business Professional
Natural Gemstones

Folkmarket offers good price natural gemstones in our store. The following varieties can be found. 

  • Cut Gemstones
  • Read Cabochons
  • Tumbles
  • Crystal Pendants