Natural Emerald Gemstones for Sale

Natural Emerald Gemstones for Sale

Our Introduction: We provide 100% Natural Emerald Gemstones for Sale. These are being collected from minders directly. If you are buying loose natural emerald stones from Folk Market Gems, you buying from the next to the miner.

History of Swat Emeralds: Swat Emerald history is very interesting. Once the horses of Alexander the Great started licking the rocks when he was passing beside Kheora region. The horses' masters indicated the existence of Himalayan Salt Rock there. After exploration, they got big deposits of Salt rocks. Similarly, Emeralds were detected half a century ago by goatherds. When he was passing beside Mingora hills, he found some emerald crystals which he presented before the Wali Swat (The Prince),  Miamgul Jahanzeb”. He was further given information by some Bombay visitors about recognition of the crystals. After which he controlled the emerald deposit hills by himself and started mining. It continued till 1968.

Swat Emerald Characteristics: Swat emeralds give light red to red glow under Chelsea filter and gives a red glow to orange in the Stokes of a fluoroscope (double filter method). Swat emeralds have a rich green colour.

Video of Emerald Mine

What we can supply?
Most of our emeralds are coming from Swat, Pakistan. Swat natural emeralds stone are famous for their rich green colour. They have equal hue, saturation and colour. Apart from natural emeralds from Pakistan, we also provide from Panjsheir, Afghanistan.

Here are mentioned some qualities which can guide you while selecting the type of emeralds:-

  1. AAA Grade Emeralds
  2. AA Grade Emeralds
  3. A Grade Emeralds
  4. Medium Grade Emeralds 
  5. Cabochon Grade Emeralds
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