Topaz Gemstone Pair

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What is Topaz Gemstones?

Topaz Gemstones are a silicate mineral. Its chemical formula is Al2SiO4(F,OH)2. Topaz has three popular identification marks or can be called a recognitional mark. 

1: The favorite colour gems

2: Because of its hardness of mineral number 8 at Mohs Scale of Hardness

3: Birthstone for November

Topaz is also popular because of its colour. Topaz Gemstones jewelry is liked by people because of its brilliance also. Topaz has many colours. However brownish yellow colour stands as the main identification of topaz. In the past, topaz was only recognized by its brown colour. Topaz is most of the time heated.

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SKU gems-003
Gemstones Topaz
Colour Brown
Shape Oval
Gems Shape Oval
Birthstone for The Month Of November
Treatment No
Origin of Stone Pakistan
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