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Welcome to Folkmarket – your hub for crafts, handicrafts, vintage jewelry, DIY Crafts Supplies and much more!

Folkmarket is a group of enthusiastic people who believes on giving reality to ideas. The purpose of Folkmarket is to promote the handmade crafts, local artisans handcrafted works, creations, ideas. We have included handicarfts and handicraft supplies from all over the world.

Get with us in the world of handmade wonders with our online store, where skilled artisans present their craft. Explore timeless beauty through our fine collection of vintage jewelry, each piece and art work telling a story of bygone eras. But that's not all – our online store is the only your source for crafts' inspiration!

Join us for creativity of hands and minds catering to both seasoned crafters and DIY enthusiasts.

At Folkmarket, we celebrate diversity in craftsmanship by offering handpicked products from every range of life from around the globe such as personal care, home decoration, crafts and gifts, jewelry, kitchen items, gifts for occasions and events, shoes, embroidery, pottery and much more. Each product is embodying quality and uniqueness. Join our Folkmarket art community and connect with fellow craft lovers. Share your artistic journey with us. Sign up now on our online store and get discount. Subscribed us for getting latest updates about crafts, crafts ideas and stories about the local artisans. Let's explore, create, and cherish the beauty of handmade together! 🎨📿✨

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